Malibu residents concerned over RVs parking, staying overnight along PCH

MALIBU, Calif. (KABC) -- RVs lining Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu have residents wanting Los Angeles County officials to take action.

Linda Kaye is a resident of Sunset Mesa and said the RVs set up a camp staying on the stretch of highway between Topanga Canyon and Sunset Boulevard for days and sometimes weeks at a time.

"From roughly the beginning of the year until now, where I saw maybe one or two RVs parked overnight, we're seeing as many as 15 and now they're double parked," she said. "The problem in the encampment has to do with garbage that they're dropping, they're starting fires on PCH and they're dropping raw sewage."

Residents said the stretch of land is an unincorporated part of Malibu, making it difficult to patrol.

Eyewitness News reached out to Caltrans officials who said there is no overnight parking on Pacific Coast Highway between 10 p.m. and 5 p.m. They add it is illegal to park in one place for longer than two days.

One man, who did not want to be identified, lives in one of the RVs and said no one is causing any trouble.

"We have the freedom in this country to go where we want as long as it's not against the law. We shouldn't be, I guess, discriminated against," he said.

Residents said they want tougher parking rules. Eyewitness News reached out to Supervisor Sheila Keuhl's office. Her staff members said they are currently working with other agencies to find a solution.
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