Saddleridge Fire: Sylmar Café stays open to feed law enforcement for free

SYLMAR, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Even though flames have died down there was still heavy smoke in the air, making it hard to breathe. Law enforcement was out blocking the entrance to the 210 freeway off of Yarnell Street.

Annie's Sweet Oven Bakery Café is right next to that intersection and decided to stay open for business, despite being so close to where the fires started.

"We just want to show you know our appreciation to the fire department and the police station, you know you guys are doing a great job we're going to offer free coffee and the restroom. Not everybody's open today and you know just trying to lend a helping hand," said Jessica Samayoa a cashier at Annie's.

It was a gesture that was certainly appreciated by those on duty.

Most people walking by are wearing masks to protect themselves from the unhealthy air quality.

Anthony Rodriguez owns a gym in Sylmar and as soon as he got in at 4 a.m. he knew that his business couldn't stay open, but still wanted to help.

"Right away I contacted Annie to see how she was doing and to see how her location was doing. As soon as she received my phone call she decided to come in and said that I wanna open it up for the community and for the authorities for firefighters and I said yeah what a great idea," said Anthony Rodriguez, owner of Built 45 Gym.

The roads leading up to Annie's Sweet Oven Bakery are now closed, but there are still plenty of police officers in the neighborhood, grateful for a place to grab water, or get a cup of coffee.
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