San Bernardino student investigated after posting 'school shooting starter kit' video

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (KABC) -- Authorities are investigating a San Bernardino high school student who made a social media post that showed firearms and labeled it as a "school shooting starter kit."

On Sunday, San Bernardino police and the FBI received information from a social media platform that a user had posted a video showing guns and made a reference to guns being used as a "school shooting starter kit." The video also featured a song in the background that contained lyrics about a school shooting.

The post was immediately investigated and the user was found to be a 16-year-old San Gorgonio High School student. A search warrant was issued for the student's home and a search was conducted Monday.

During the search, investigators found 11 guns as well as hundreds of rounds of ammunition in a secured gun safe. Those guns and ammo were found to be legally owned by the student's step-father. They were seized as part of the investigation.

Authorities said no specific threats were made nor any locations mentioned, but investigators will look into the student's phone and computer that were also seized during the search.

No arrest was made, but authorities said the case will be referred to the San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office for further consideration once the investigation is over.

The student's identity was not released because of his or her age.
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