Get lost in the mesmerizing art of water marbling in San Pedro

SAN PEDRO, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Patty Middlebrooks "fell in love" after she took her first water marbling class 26 years ago.

"It's so whimsical and fun and the best part about it was that I couldn't mess it up," she said. "It all turned out beautifully."

The Redondo Beach native owns Meaning-Full Art, located inside of Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles, where she teaches water marbling art classes.

"My favorite thing to say to people who say 'I can't do this' is, 'if you can shake parmesan cheese and stir your coffee with a stirrer, you can totally do this!'"

Middlebrooks offers classes at Meaning-Full Art where she will teach customers how to water marble on silk, sneakers, baseball caps, fans, parasols, kites, ties and sarongs.

"The number of patterns and designs you can make it unlimited," she said. "You are only limited by your imagination."

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