Dog adopted after spending 2,461 days in Indiana shelter

MARION, Indiana -- A 12-year-old dog was finally adopted after spending 2,461 days in the shelter.

Sandi, the pit bull-boxer mix, spent more than six years at the Marion-Grant County Humane Society in Indiana.

She was adopted by Erin and Carrie Rhodes, who had recently lost their dog.

According to a Facebook post by the Humane Society, Erin and Carrie couldn't stop thinking about Sandi after they met her.

The Humane Society says Sandi grew accustomed to shelter life over her six-year stay, and had outlasted many of the employees.

Sandi's grand departure was filled with pets, kisses and even a few tears as she left the shelter donning a little red crown.

As Sandi and her new parents drove away, a sign sat outside the driveway to the shelter, reading, "Good luck, Sandi!"
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