Eye on LA: The search for LA's best sandwiches

Sunday, June 24, 2018
Eye on LA finds the city's best sandwiches
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We visited some of the best and unique sandwich spots in L.A. and found sandwiches that everyone can enjoy.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- If there's something that vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters can all agree on, it's a good sandwich! We visited some of the best and unique sandwich spots in L.A. and found sandwiches that everyone can enjoy.

Vegan Street Fair

The Vegan Street Fair is a yearly event that takes place in North Hollywood in March and it just keeps on growing. Stretching for blocks, you'll find almost any food you can think of, but everything is completely vegan. There are sandwiches, nachos, hot dogs, grilled cheese and desserts for days. While the fair won't be back in L.A. until next spring, it will be in Las Vegas and San Diego in May. veganstreetfair.com/

Cook's Tortas

Cook's Tortas is located in Monterey Park and has created the tastiest tortas right here in L.A. We heard about Cook's Tortas from Instagram food blogger @hungryhungryheejin. A torta is a Mexican sandwich with anything you want thrown into it, and Cook's Tortas doesn't mess around. They have a giant menu board that is constantly changing and there are sandwiches for everyone. They make everything in-house, including their bread. The line can sometimes be out the door, but it's so worth the wait! cookstortas.com/


Instagram foodie blogger @foodxeater led us to some of her favorite L.A. sandwich finds, and one of those places includes Meatzilla, which is a super low-key spot in downtown L.A. that always has a crowd lined up. They have double-meat sandwiches as well as a sandwich style that they refer to as "Meatzza Style" where the top bun is flipped over and turned into a tiny pizza! Their sandwiches might be messy, but what else do you expect with a name like "Meatzilla?" Definitely a spot to check out if you're a meat lover. https://meatzilladtla.tumblr.com/


While telling us about Meatzilla, Instagram foodie blogger @foodxeater also told us about a DTLA hotspot, Birdies. While they are a restaurant with a variety of items, including donuts, they are known for their Birdies Original Chicken Sandwich that is served with coleslaw and a buttermilk ranch mayo.



In addition to Meatzilla and Birdies, Instagram foodie blogger @foodxeater also told us about an awesome grilled cheese place in Pasadena called MeltIt! They have the craziest, cheesiest, grilled cheese sandwiches that are worth a taste. http://agrilledcheeseco.com/

Green Peas Casual Food

Green Peas Casual Food in Culver City is a hot sandwich spot for meat eaters and vegans alike! They offer fantastic meat-filled sandwiches, but they also make vegan/vegetarian versions of about 80 percent of their menu. One of their vegan "meat-filled" sandwiches even fooled a food blogger into thinking it was real steak. With a fantastic menu and an adorable atmosphere, Green Peas Casual Food is the perfect spot for lunch or dinner. greenpeascasualfood.com/

Bay Cities Italian Deli

In 2014, celebrity chef Susan Feniger took us to her favorite sandwich spot, Bay Cities Italian Deli in Santa Monica. We're still thinking about it even now. Bay Cities Deli is two parts: a gourmet market and a full operating deli. You can always expect a crowd because this deli is to die for. If you want to skip the line, try ordering online. baycitiesitaliandeli.com/


Locali is a hot sandwich spot with locations in Hollywood, Venice, West Hollywood and downtown L.A. They have an entire menu of deli sandwiches, but almost any sandwich they offer can be made vegan or vegetarian. They even have gluten-free options! Their breakfast sandwiches are something you would expect from a fast food restaurant, but surprising to most patrons, they are made with all organic, non-GMO ingredients and are totally vegan. You need to try it to believe it. These sandwiches are proof that delicious food can also be incredibly healthy. localiyours.com/

Little Shop of Mary

Having been around for six years, Little Shop of Mary in Torrance knows what they are doing when it comes to bánh mi, which is a Vietnamese sandwich that is a hot trend all over L.A. right now. At Little Shop of Mary, it takes three days to prepare the meat for the perfect sandwich. They brine, marinate and roast it. Everything is made fresh and you can taste the difference. https://squareup.com/store/littleshopofmary

Mendocino Farms

One of the first places that should come to mind when you think sandwiches in L.A. is Mendocino Farms! With the idea of turning the flavors of fine dining entrees into sandwiches, Mendocino Farms has grown rapidly since its launch in 2005. With its modern, farm-style décor and a menu of about 30 sandwiches, there's something for everyone! mendocinofarms.com/


Bacoshop in Culver City is serving up a new kind of sandwich-- a flat bread that is stuffed with everything you love to eat, including various meats, veggies, seasoning, and tangy sauces. The Baco is a must try! The dough is made every single day and rolled out to order, so it's one of the freshest sandwiches around. baco-shop.com/

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