Watch out for this Valentine's Day fake-delivery scam

With Valentine's Day almost here, some people are looking not to steal hearts, but credit card numbers.

Local officials are warning about a scam that aims to get someone's credit card information by convincing them they've been sent a surprise holiday gift.

The "bogus delivery scam" starts with a phone call from a fake shipping company to schedule a delivery.

The scammer then shows up at the victim's home with a package - maybe a bouquet of flowers or bottle of wine - and says there is a small fee due for the delivery.

The victim hands over a credit card to pay the fee and the thief swipes the card through a reader.

The bad guys now have the victim's credit card info and go on a nice little online shopping spree - buying as much stuff as they can get before the victim catches on.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office offers a few tips to avoid falling for scams like this:

For starters, don't accept a package if you don't know the sender.

Don't give out your credit or debit card information if it is not a purchase that you initiated.

Be suspicious of deliveries from unrecognized services.

The DA's office has produced a video available here that provides more information on the scam.
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