New SoCal charter school thinks outside the box to ready students for college

SOUTH LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- It looks like a traditional P.E. class, but Vox Collegiate Charter School is actually getting kids to think about their future while working up a sweat.

"We have skateboarding coming into school and we have a dance class that's from Mila J that the kids are going to be doing," said Ty Anthony Davis, head of school at Vox Collegiate Charter School.

One month into the semester Davis brought in professional skateboarder Theotis Beasley and singer-dancer Mila J to inspire the kids.

"Main thing is just showing the youth the importance of being active. In this day and age where now children are just on their phones, they don't play anymore," said Mila J.

"I was a kid that was less fortunate and I didn't really have much and my mom did what she could to help me out so now I'm here to get back to the kids they don't have it," said Beasley.

Beyond the creative variation of physicality, the new charter school wants kids to look at a different way to succeed in life.

"The general school performance in South L.A. is below what we should accept for our students. The students are not prepared to access college. Our graduation rates are increasing, but that doesn't mean children are actually prepared for success," said Davis.

The head of the school, who is a former attorney, wants these kids to learn all that they can, but he also wants them to know career-wise it's OK to think outside the box.

"Skateboarding means opportunities in marketing and branding. There are plenty of legal aspects there, from booking gigs to creating endorsement deals and the technology opportunities," Davis said. "How do I create a ramp that will be the right trajectory for the skateboarder to keep them on top of their board most of the time?"

Currently 40 sixth and seventh-graders attend the tuition-free school, but Davis says they want more.

"We're actually looking to add 10 to 20 more students in the next couple weeks," said Davis.
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