Study: Most of humanity believes in life on other planets

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A new study canvassed people in dozens of countries around the world to determine exactly how many people believe in alien life. (NASA)

Most people believe in life on other planets, a newly released study that canvassed respondents around the world claims.

After surveying 26,492 people in 24 countries, research firm Motivaction found that more than 60 percent of respondents believed that life in some form exists on another planet. An additional 22 percent of respondents weren't sure about extraterrestrial life, and 17 percent denied it.

But how advanced could alien life be? Nearly half of those surveyed said they believe in intelligent alien life, and 28 percent aren't sure.

In Russia, Mexico, China, Romania and Japan, public opinion swayed in favor of intelligent life, with a majority of respondents in those nations affirming that alien life is advanced.

According to Motivaction, people who believe in intelligent alien life are more likely to value arts, culture, politics and scientific progress and to be open-minded and tolerant. They also value freedom of expression and are willing to challenge authority.

Study authors noted that those values are consistent with themes and storylines in space opera films like Star Wars, which often tell the story of an "independent rebel who is in constant fight with authoritarian rulers and powers."

Of the people who said alien life is intelligent, 60 percent believe that humans should attempt to contact those civilizations, and 21 percent supported isolationism.

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