SUVs dominating auto market in 2021, but mid-size sedans won't stay far behind

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Monday, November 23, 2020
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It might seem like no one's buying sedans these days amid the SUV craze, however, many mid-sized sedans are becoming popular thanks to makeovers.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- It might seem like no one's buying sedans these days amid the SUV craze, however, many sedans are becoming popular thanks to makeovers.

The name Toyota Camry is almost synonymous with the four-door sedan segment, and has been for decades. The Camry will get a few tweaks for 2021 inside and out, and will also get hybrid power with the sportiest XSE trim for the first time.

This is also the last sedan in its segment offering a V6 engine on certain trim levels.

The Camry Hybrid starts at just over $27,000.

Honda has also updated the Camry's long-time rival, the Accord for 2021, as Honda knows this segment is still substantial.

"We do see it selling about a million units, and we own about 25% of that. And we do forecast to be able to continually achieve that going forward," says Jerry Chang with American Honda Motor Company in Torrance.

The Accord has sold in the millions over the years, and even though Honda's SUVs have become their sales leaders, this stalwart four-door is still very much going strong.

With a return of the Accord Hybrid, at a price of $26,370, that's about $1,600 more than the regular non-hybrid Accord.

"What we really tried to do is price our hybrids very competitively, so that there is that value to the customer," says Chang.

The Accord is known to make drivers feel right at home. It's familiar, yet new at the same time, with a well laid-out infotainment system.

It's the first car to offer wireless versions of both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for seamless integration of a smartphone.

With mid-size sedans that have sold in the millions over the decades, the premium model Mercedes-Benz E-class, fits right in. It's all new for 2021, starting at just over $54,000.

The E-Class picks up the sleeker styling that now graces the Mercedes sedan lineup. It offers the latest tech, including the very intuitive MBUX infotainment system.

It also allows voice commands in the driver's natural speaking voice, which should ease frustrations many people have with using voice controls.

Under the hood, something old is new again in the E450 model: an inline six-cylinder engine. Once a hallmark of Mercedes-Benz models, it was eclipsed by V6s in the 1990s, but now it's back with turbocharging and a 48-volt mild hybrid system called EQ Boost.

The new E-class is very much the driver's car it's always been, with great power and crisp handling.

Go anywhere in the world, and see various generations of the Mercedes E-Class sedans standing the test of time, including the newest model.