'Shark Tank' season 12: Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran describe show's by-the-book pandemic protocols

"Shark Tank" is diving into season 12. Entrepreneurs with products to pitch are hoping the sharks will take their bait and go into business with them.

What's different this season is that it's all happening in Las Vegas. Plus, everyone involved had to be extra careful while shooting during the pandemic.

"The entrepreneurs quarantined for eight, nine, 10 days just to be able to pitch us. Everybody was on the same page." said longtime shark Mark Cuban.

"Everyone was taken care of. Everyone who worked on the show behind-the-scenes was treated like a king and a queen, like their health was the most important thing in the world," said fellow shark Barbara Corcoran.

Cuban said they went by the book.

"There were arrows where you had to walk, signs that said it was off-limits, the elevators you had to take, the way you had to wear you mask," he said.

Once they knew what to do, it was down to business with products including an electric car charger, blankets made out of recycled plastic bottles and a garment disinfectant.

When it comes to what these sharks are looking for in potential business partners, Corcoran often looks in the mirror.

"And when the door is opened," she said, "I'm hoping to find myself. I'm hoping to find the kid that didn't have anybody to turn to, someone who didn't have the money to use. And that is the great majority of Americans with great ideas. That's exactly who they are."

Both sharks get feedback from fans wherever they go. Barbara, though, has a tough one to beat.

"I got the feedback from the lady in the next stall in the airport about a month ago," she said, adding, "Unbelievable! Talking at my feet in the stall of the ladies' room. We get the feedback!"

The season 12 premiere of "Shark Tank" happens Friday at 9 p.m. on ABC7. Look for a new guest shark!

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