Shipping containers in Pico Rivera repurposed for outdoor dining

PICO RIVERA -- Designed with bright colors and images paying tribute to the history of Pico Rivera, CA, newly crafted shipping containers sit in front of Brewjeria Company, a family-owned pub chosen to oversee the parklet.

"We've really struggled these last seven months, basically being close to the public only offering to go. So, to have this additional feature that will allow us to have more seating and that's just vibrant and is gonna catch people's eye as they're driving through Whittier Boulevard -- it really giving us hope that we're going to make it through," said Agustin Ruelas, co-founder and president of Brewjeria Company.

"We're thinking outside the box, trying to bring new ways that we can support out local businesses," said artists Alexis O'Neal. "Try to give them something that creates a community feel."

This initiative was brought forth by the City of Pico Rivera.