helping vintage clothing stores in SoCal reach more customers

EAGLE ROCK, Calif. (KABC) -- A new online marketplace is helping vintage clothing stores, including some in Southern California, reach more customers.

The vintage clothing store Top Knot in Eagle Rock has recently experienced a boost in business and it's due, in part, to

"I absolutely hate posting online. I know the clothing, I'm not tech-savvy. So having a company come in and grab these pieces and be able to post it and measure it and put the description and get it out to an audience broader than my shop, is amazing," said Top Knot owner Natalie DeMotte.

Thrilling currently features curated items for 11 vintage stores in Southern California and is adding new shops each week. The online price is comparable to what you would pay in store.

"Vintage and thrift owners are struggling more than ever to pay their bills, to pay their rent, and feel an enormous amount of pressure to be online," explained Shilla Kim-Parker, CEO and founder of

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