Amazon unveils a 'try before you buy' clothing plan

One of the biggest criticisms about ordering clothes online is that you can't try anything before on before you buy it. Amazon thinks they have the answer.

It's called Prime Wardrobe.

Amazon will send you a box full of clothes to try on before actually buying them. The service is being tested right now and is only available to a select few who have been invited to try it out.

Later it will be available to all Amazon Prime members.

Here's how it works: Through Prime Wardrobe, customers can order three to 15 items of clothing, shoes and accessories at no upfront charge. You then get seven days to decide what you want to keep and can send back the rest for free.

Shoppers will only pay for the pieces of clothing they choose to keep.

And there is an incentive to keep items. If you buy three of the items, you get a 10 percent discount; purchase five, and you get 20 percent off your bill.

As for the items customers don't want, Amazon says the Wardrobe box is resealable, and it even comes with a pre-paid label. The returns are then picked up for free.

The selection is big. There are nearly one million eligible items in this virtual closet, from designers including Calvin Klein, Levi's and Adidas.

Amazon has made a concerted push into fashion through private labels like Lark & Ro that often sell for less than similar name-brand items. It's poised to surpass Macy's this year as the largest U.S. clothing seller, according to Cowen & Co. analysts. They expect Amazon to increase its share of the U.S. clothing market from 6.6 percent last year to more than 16 percent by 2021.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.
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