Find out what happens when you ask Siri to beatbox

Sassy Siri is at it again, but this time she's showing off her musical talents.

If you ask Apple's virtual assistant to beatbox for you, she'll quickly offer to share what she's been practicing before launching into a stream of "boot and cats and boots and cats."

For those unfamiliar with the phrase, "boot and cats" is a sequence commonly used by people learning to beatbox. While Siri isn't quite spitting out sick beats, we commend her for the effort.

Siri has been performing this musical trick since as early as last November, according to Mashable, but it wasn't until this week that her rhythmic stylings took the Internet by storm.

While most iPhone users were happy enough to just listen to Siri's beatbox, Vine star 80Fitz took it to the next level by dropping in his own beat.

Beatboxing is not Siri's only secret talent. She's know for her funny responses to variety of questions, from math equations to requests for Apple rumors.
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