Little shop of horrors survives pandemic with help from loyal customers

During scary times for businesses, a long-standing shop of horrors is overcoming its financial fears with the support of loyal customers
LOS ANGELES -- These are scary times for many businesses, even for a long-standing horror shop that's overcoming its fears with the support of loyal customers.

"We're one of the very few all horror book and gift stores in the entire United States," said Del Howison, co-owner of Dark Delicacies, a mom-and-pop shop of horrors in Burbank, CA.

"I've been trying to, as much as possible, not buy things on Amazon and actually support local businesses," said Matt Black, a Dark Delicacies customer.

"When the virus hit, it was crazy because we make our real bread and butter from our signing events," Howison said. "And then, we couldn't have people come in the store."

The shop has adapted by offering curbside pickup and promoting online sales, but staying in business has still been a challenge.

"We're trying to make it as easy as possible," said Howison. "The response from our customers couldn't be better. They have been loyal. They have continued to buy things and they are what keep us in existence."