Texas day care workers post Snapchat videos of baby covered in feces

ALVIN, Texas -- Instead of cleaning up a baby boy who had just been sick, two Texas day care teachers first ridiculed him in a video posted on social media. Those teachers have since been fired.

In the video, the two teachers are laughing hysterically and taking turns as they hold Tori Rude's 6-month-old baby boy away from them.

Both posted a video on Snapchat with captions reading, "I dnt want kids anymore" and "y'all still got baby fever???".

Rude was livid.

"He's not a joke. He's not something you share on Facebook," Rude said. "I felt like they disrespected him and when I watch that, that's what overcame me. That my poor child is being treated like he's a circus act."

It happened last Thursday at Little Jackets Nest day care in Alvin. Carson had been enrolled for four months.

"He's not going back," said Rude.

Lisa Hues, the day care owner, declined an on-camera interview but did speak to KTRK. Afterward, she sent a text to all parents notifying them of the situation.

"Recently an incident occurred at The Nest involving two employees who violated employee policies and acted inappropriately. These employees have since been terminated & the situation addressed. I am truly appalled by the actions of these staff members and in no way condone this behavior or have ever experienced anything like this in the 7.5 years we have been open. As you know, we have always had an exceptional reputation and have always provided quality care for our students and have a proven track record of excellence. Additional steps are being taken to re-train and review all employee policies with our teachers to ensure something of this nature never occurs again."

Rude has reported what happened to the state. Online Child Care Licensing records show the daycare has 11 deficiencies since opening in 2012.

The most serious deficiencies were for not submitting renewed employee background checks, blocked fire exits, and no annual fire inspection. The owner has apologized and says she plans to refund Rude's tuition.

The fired teachers, barely out of high school, did not respond to requests for comment.

"I just don't want it to happen to anybody else's kid. There was no excuse for that behavior and one day when they look back, I hope they understand how wrong it was."
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