Virginia McLaurin, 107, plays ball with the Harlem Globetrotters

WASHINGTON D.C. (KABC) -- Virginia McLaurin captured the hearts of many when she met and danced with President Obama and the First Lady in February. Now, she's learning some tricks from the Harlem Globetrotters.

McLaurin, 107, met up with Moose Weekes and Zeus McClurkin at Roots Public Charter School, where she volunteers in Washington D.C.

Her family and friends set up a fundraising page for her so that she can have the resources she needs to live comfortably and continue her active role in the community.

Weekes and McClurkin even presented McLaurin with a personalized No. 107 jersey and donated 107 tickets for students to see the Globetrotters play in the city.

"(I was) really excited about it. I didn't think I'd ever get sad to meet them, but I always watch them. And I used to try to do what they do with the ball...but it didn't work," McLaurin said.

In addition to meeting McLaurin, the Globetrotters spoke with the students at her school and highlighted the positive attributes she demonstrates. They said they share in her philosophy to stay active, be enthusiastic, have a positive attitude and celebrate black history.

She also addressed the children with two simple messages.

"Only thing I ask you kids to do - obey your parents. Your mother and your father. Go to school. Get all the education you can get," she said.

McLaurin, who celebrated her 107th birthday on Saturday, is 17 years older than the Globetrotters who are in their 90th year.

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