3 Los Angeles parks vying for a $20K grant for improvements

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Disney is partnering with the National Recreation and Park Association to hand out a $20,000 grant to one of three Los Angeles parks for improvements.

One of the nominees is the Silver Lake Recreation Center.

The grant would replace the popular toddler playground surface, among other things. But also competing for the grant is the South L.A. Wetlands Park so that new trees can be planted and landscaping can be done.

There's also Griffith Park. Joey Molina said its baseball field has been in desperate need of improvements for years.

"In the benches, the stands, the mounds, the grass, even so much as the windscreen," he said.

The parks are promising to use the money on projects that connect children to nature, inspire families and increase children's access to sports.

You get to decide who wins by logging onto meetmeatthepark.org and voting. Under the city of Los Angeles, you will find the three parks - the one with the most votes at the end of the month wins.

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