'Apollo 11' show at Rose Bowl amazes audiences

PASADENA, Calif. (KABC) -- With the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing approaching, "Apollo 11 - The Immersive Live Show," takes audiences through a critical time in the nation's history.

It is a live immersive show inside the new Lunar Dome at the Rose Bowl.

"Apollo 11 - The Immersive Live Show" lets you experience one of the most daring space missions ever, when the United States sent three men to the lunar surface.

The world premiere was held in Los Angeles, just days before the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon.

ABC7 partnered with the show to send 60 young people from youth groups to experience it for themselves.

"It felt so real. The shaking, the sounds. The story itself," said Abdurrahman Yamani, who is part of the East Los Angeles Rising Boys and Girls Club. "It was so amazing. I literally forgot to breathe."

The immersive play follows a young aerospace engineer, who was one of 400,000 people that made the landing possible.

The 360-degree video projection makes the space travel feel almost real.

"A lot of times, I got the chills, for sure," said Josiah Thomas, a student at Optimistic Charter School.

The three-year tour is set to cover 18 cities across the U.S.

The cast hopes it'll inspire the next generation of space travelers.

"Very, very inspired," Yamani said. "I literally can't explain how I feel right now."

The opening night is Wednesday, and the tour is also making a stop in Costa Mesa.
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