Shelter Partnership in Bell delivers donations to agencies serving the homeless in LA County

BELL, Calif. (KABC) -- The Shelter Partnership is a non-profit that has been helping the homeless for decades by delivering donations to agencies across Los Angeles County.

The Shelter Partnership in the city of Bell operates in a warehouse where it provides goods to over two hundred agencies serving the homeless in Los Angeles County. It has done so for three decades.

The non-profit takes in donations from individuals and companies, everything from socks, soap, diapers, clothes, sneakers and more. The latest donation was more than million pairs of socks.

The federal government donated the warehouse Shelter Partnership operates in three decades ago. The warehouse was part of an Air Force Base in the 1940s.

The warehouse still serves the country, but with a different mission: to link arms with others to help those struggling to help themselves.

"There are so many great shelters that we serve," Jennifer Marquez of Shelter Partnership said. "Whether they're missions on Skid Row, schools in San Pedro, the Bell shelter serving the veterans.

There are so many great shelters doing good work."
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