California restaurant won't allow loud children inside

MONTEREY, Calif. -- Kids and restaurants -- it's a hot topic, with two very heated sides to the debate.

Old Fisherman's Grotto, a restaurant in Monterey, California, has a children's policy that it's pretty famous for.

Your children are welcome at the restaurant, but there are a few rules.

No strollers, no high chairs and no booster seats -- due to what they say is a space issue, but some diners say it is probably more of a message.

Also, children who are "crying or making loud noises" are a distraction to other diners, and are not allowed inside Old Fisherman's Grotto.

One mom took to Yelp saying these rules are the reason she will never go back to the restaurant.

However, the restaurant defends it and says they won't apologize for it.

They say people without children, or those who enjoy child-free dining are all about it.
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