California woman gives birth to 13 pound baby

MERCED, Calif. -- After a long week, baby Raymond Reyes was finally home from the hospital, but the little bundle of joy is anything but little.

"Oh my gosh, he looks like a toddler, he was so big," said Jenna Reyes, Raymond's mother.

Raymond was born on April 30 at the Mercy Medical Center in Merced, California, at a whopping 13.5 pounds. Raymond's size even shocked some of the nurses at the hospital.

"I worked in labor delivery for about seven years and (he's) the largest baby I've ever seen, so 13 pounds is a big baby, I've never seen one that big," nurse Jessica Newton said.

Reyes was expecting a 10 to 11 pound baby and decided to have a C-section. Reyes said her previous children were also big, but not as big as Raymond.

"Nothing fits him; uses size two Pampers. Three to six months (old) clothes," she explained.

Having a big baby had its share of big problems. Reyes said Raymond was taken to the neonatal intensive care unit when he was born. He was later transferred to Madera, California, for about a week for jaundice, and low calcium and sodium levels.

"Coming home to an empty crib is the hardest thing I've ever had to do, no mother wants to come home without her baby," Reyes said.

Raymond was healthy and at home. His sister, Nathalie, was happy to finally be a big sister and she even promised to change his diapers. But there was one thing she said she wouldn't share with Raymond: her title.

"I'm still the baby girl of the house," she said.

Reyes said Raymond would be her last child and said he was grandchild No. 23 on his father's side.
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