Christmas Tree Lane in danger due to California drought

ALTADENA, Calif. (KABC) -- A nearly century-old holiday tradition is in danger, as Christmas Tree Lane in Altadena becomes the latest victim in the ongoing California drought.

The deodar cedar trees that line Santa Rosa Avenue attract many during the holidays, but now they sit bone dry, thinning and with brittle brown needles due to the drought.

"I've seen two or three droughts, this being the worst, the absolute worst," Anthony Ward with the Christmas Tree Lane Association said.

Ward said if the trees don't receive the water they need, the trees will be in danger of dying.

"Twenty six trees that were identified by the county that are in trouble and we're trying to save as many of them as we can," Ward explained.

Los Angeles County officials said they were doing what they could to help keep the majestic trees alive.

"The county is working in partnership with the association to bring an old irrigation system back into service here so that we can get these trees watered during the drought," Steven Frasher with the Los Angeles County of Public Works said.

In an effort to save the landscape, the Christmas Tree Lane Association, along with the help of neighbors and volunteers, has installed more than 70 dry wells, which are 4-feet deep, that will give each tree up to 750 gallons of water.

The association said the 96-year-old holiday lights tradition will continue as planned, however the tree-lighting ceremony has been canceled.
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