Church receives touching donation: 'I don't have much, I'm homeless'

One homeless person's small donation has made a big impact at a North Carolina church.

Congregants made their usual offerings and donations during Sunday's service at the First United Methodist Church in Charlotte, N.C. But there was one small but moving donation that caught the eye of church officials.

"After the service we have a couple of people called counters who process the offerings and put them in our safe," Pastor Patrick Hamrick told ABC News. "The secretary called me over and in the envelope was a dime, a nickel, and three cents. That was the 18 cents. We flipped it over and the note was there."

The note was written by an anonymous donor:

Please don't be mad, I don't have much, I'm homeless. God Bless.

Church officials were touched by the donor's message, and believe the anonymous donor to be a person that had eaten breakfast with the church on Sunday morning. Hamrick told the mystery donor that the community could rally for him should he reveal his identity. However, the donor wishes to keep his anonymity.

"He's asked me to keep it between me, God, and the church," Hamrick said. "He's not upset about it, he just feels that he wants to be private. I have to honor it professionally."

Many on Facebook have commented, praising the anonymous donor for their generosity.

"Wow!!! If only all of us had this kind of purity while giving," wrote one person.

"This person will be Blessed beyond measure. It was a true gift of love and GOD will provide for this wonderful human being," wrote another.

Hamrick says that the gift has warmed the hearts of churchgoers.

"It warmed our hearts because proportionally that gift could be an average middle class person giving a 1,000 dollars," Hamrick told ABC News. "I feel like he gave everything he had that morning."
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