After delay, city crews fixing NoHo water leak caused by tree roots

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A North Hollywood woman's battle with the Department of Water and Power over a troublesome tree causing a big water leak may be coming to an end.

DWP work crews are finally shutting off water that's been gushing for days from a hole in the half-a-century-old tree. The tree's roots apparently punctured a pipe, sending water gushing into the street last Thursday.

Paula Glickstein estimates 100,000 gallons of water by now have flowed from the ruptured pipe connected to her North Hollywood property before she could get the DWP to respond.

She says she called DWP as soon as she noticed the leak, but hit nothing but roadblocks when trying to get permission to cut the roots of the city-owned tree.

Work crews showed up after she contacted Eyewitness News and the story aired over the weekend.

DWP officials say they will not saddle Glickstein with what would be a massive water bill.

She's relieved that now work crews came out and stopped the leak, still making sure she has water.

Glickstein says the DWP has been clear about what they are willing to do to help solve her dilemma. Stopping the leak without her losing water to her home is part of their solution. Fixing the damaged pipe is another issue.

Next she'll try to get a permit from the city to cut the roots and then have an arborist and a plumber do their work. She doesn't know if the city will reimburse her for the costs.
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