Cool Kid Cami Sylvester helps protect the environment

CALABASAS, Calif. (KABC) -- As the president of Calabasas High School's "Roots and Shoots" club, Cool Kid Cami Sylvester has always had a passion for protecting our planet.

Sylvester said she realized what human destruction can do to our environment during her sophomore year of high school.

Working toward her mission, she has planted trees with her classmates, reduced waste on campus, worked to protect wildlife and recently collected school supplies for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

"We pretty much filled up two vans of supplies and we worked with Operation Gratitude and they took it for free and shipped it for us," Sylvester said.

Calabasas English teacher Catherine Foley said Sylvester is environmentally hooked into the City of Calabasas, creating a liaison between the school and the city.

"Roots and Shoots" is a club founded by doctor Jane Goodall, who is famous for her decades of work with chimpanzees in Africa.

Sylvester got to meet Goodall, making a huge impact in furthering her personal mission.

"It's just so inspiring what she did there," Sylvester said. "I just want to go see the habitat that she lived in for so long."

Sylvester wants to major in environmental studies, hopefully inspiring others to give back as well.

"By doing your part in some little way, you are making a huge action," Sylvester said. "You're making a bigger difference."
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