Cool Kid Lauren Best starts Girl Scout troop for students with special needs

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This week's ABC7 Cool Kid is Lauren Best, who started Girl Scout troop 5033 for special needs children at Sonora High School. (KABC)

This week's ABC7 Cool Kid is Lauren Best, who started a Girl Scout troop for children with special needs at Sonora High School.

"I wanted to bring this to them so that way they could also have the opportunity to experience it," Best said.

Every other week the 19-year-old and her teacher meet with the scouts to work on things such as etiquette and communication skills.

Best is a lifelong Girl Scout, having been in the program since preschool. Starting the new troop, however, still proved to be a bit of challenge.

"It's difficult for families to have the financial means to be able to pay for some of the things in girl scouting," one student's mom, Christine Suh, said.

A grant by the Girl Scouts of Orange County helped Best kick-start the troop.

"She's an outstanding student and amazing person," special education teacher Caroline Llewellyn said. "Her passion about Girl Scouts and being able to bring this tool and this idea to our students was just very outstanding."

Currently a high school junior, Best is involved in many more activities, such as the National Honor Society and the Best Buds program.

She is also organizing the school's first dance for students with special needs.

"She helps me forget all the bad things that's been going on in my life," one student said. "(It) makes me happy."

Best is not sure what she wants to be when she gets older, but for now, she hopes other students find a way to make a difference in their community.

"I'd like to show the other students, maybe inspire them, that they can also take action on projects and that they shouldn't be afraid to pursue what they love," Best said.
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