Cool Kid Vivien Terrell dedicated to saving animals

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (KABC) -- Vivien Terrell, 15, has spent the past eight years of her life fostering kittens and puppies back to full health. She spends much of her time at the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center in Riverside.

"There's such a need for more volunteers, and I'm not special. There's so many people who can help," she said.

Vivien's mother nominated her to be an ABC7 "Cool Kid."

"(I'm) super proud, but I mean, I'm partial, right?" said Christina Terrell. "I'm her mom."

Christina Terrell estimates that her daughter has fostered about 70 litters of kittens, and nearly a dozen litters of puppies over the past eight years. But she only recently started volunteering at the shelter. Why? She was too young.

"Because she was considered an under-ager, she couldn't volunteer on site until a year ago," said Katie Pickett, director of development at the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center. "She actually has been on-site for a year now, and she's amazing and brilliant. We're so lucky to have her."

Terrell is a student at Hillcrest High School in Riverside. Her mother says her most recent GPA is 4.0. When she's not at the shelter, she spends time with senior citizens and a therapy dog.

"I wasn't sure if the patients would all be OK with the animal entering the room," said her mother. "But she was so well received. I was very proud."

Terrell wants to eventually become a trauma surgeon.

"I love helping people, but if I'm a trauma surgeon, I would have enough money to buy myself a farm and then be able to adopt the animals from the shelter," said Terrell, with a smile. "(I'd) have enough money to take care of all of them."
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