Eye on L.A. goes healthy with the best workouts, clean eating, relaxation spots

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Everyone's always looking for the best ways to look and feel great, so Eye on L.A.'s Tina Malave is kicking off our healthy journey at the Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine. The freshest, clean foods and drinks from Kye's and Beaming. And check out workouts like Pound, H20 Bootcamp, and Antigravity Yoga. Then calm it all with good stuff at Jahoon Spa.

Take a walk through the luscious gardens of the Self Realization Lake Shrine to find your spiritual side. Meditate by the magnificent fresh water lake, or pray in awe at their hilltop Sanctuary as you look out at the breathtaking views. Whether you're a day or weekend retreat guest, everyone maintains silence throughout their stay to relish in the experience.

Beaming Cafe is looking to remove the obstacle of time to healthy eating by offering fresh pressed juices, smoothies, and dozens of prepared meal options to go. They offer all organic, American grown, and non-GMO superfoods that make you glow from the inside.

At Kye's in Santa Monica they're taking food on the run to a whole new level. They started by creating the Kyerito, a naturally gluten-free wrap made to order, as just one of the many healthy and fast options. But at Kye's, they aim to create food that isn't just fueling the body, it's also about giving people experiences of pure enjoyment in their innovative workplace and community.

Pad Thai at Café Gratitude

Family-owned and 100 percent organic, plant-based restaurant, Cafe Gratitude has six locations including Hollywood and Venice Beach. Their gourmet vegan food is made with lots of love, and they strive to support sustainable lifestyles. They also ask each and every person to accept the world, love your life, adore yourself, and be grateful every day. Come for a workshop, class, or to dine in and you are guaranteed to leave with the inspiring attitude of Cafe Gratitude.

Los Angeles loves the Cirque School! They have been around for almost five years, and have clients that range from ages 14 to 65. The Cirque School trains all body types in a supportive and noncompetitive environment. So if you're tired of the gym, looking for something interesting, or wanting to create a new act, this school has a class for you!

Dance your way to a great body on a non-conventional path at Sheila Kelly's S Factor studio. Her classes will teach you how to pole dance to stay in the best shape of your life. Sheila has combined her knowledge of ballet, exotic dancing, and fitness to create the most effective workout ever.

Anyone who thought musicians weren't athletic, think again. Power team Kirsten and Cristina have created a workout from their musical talent; drumming. With their signature weighted, neon-green drumsticks they call Ripstix, instructors lead you through a fast-paced, high energy workout that will leave you asking for more because it improves your body, coordination, and agility.

No need to pay a monthly fee when you're running the stairs all over the city that are free and open to the public from sunrise to sunset. Our favorite spots include the Hollywood Bowl and the Santa Monica stairs. But if you're up for an adventure, read Charles Fleming's book "Secret Stairs." You'll be going all over Los Angeles, but you'll see sights you've never been before, in a whole new height.

Boot Camp H20 in LA combines swimming, water polo drills, and strengthening training exercises.

If you like to cool down in the pool after working out at the gym then maybe you should try staying there the whole time! Now there are fitness classes for all ages that never leave the water. Boot Camp H20 in LA combines swimming, water polo drills, and strengthening training exercises. The classes are never the same so they're always a challenge.

What may have been a childhood dream, can be a reality now, and can get you in shape. At the Sky Zone Trampoline park there is 40,000 square feet of space to jump. But don't expect to just jump in one place for an hour and not feel anything. After 60 minutes of spinning, twisting, and squatting in their Sky Burn class, you'll burn 1,000 calories.

AntiGravity Fitness incorporates yoga elements with gymnastics and aerial arts.

Created by world-renowned gymnast Christopher Harrison, AntiGravity is a fitness fusion. It incorporates yoga elements with gymnastics, and aerial arts. You'll feel your muscles lengthen and tone as you are benefiting from zero-compression inversion. Aerial yoga will also release stress, tension, and leave you feeling completely relaxed.

After all those fitness classes, hanging by a pole, a hammock, or at the pool, make sure to reward your body with a massage. Jahoon Spa in Koreatown uses reflexology, acupressure, and high-tech radio frequency machines to help heal any strained muscles. Wake up in the morning without any aches after trying the Feldenkrais Method which shows you how to change your movements to relieve pain!

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