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We love to uncover cool stuff all over L.A. and with 34,135 square miles to cover, there's definitely going to be some things that make you scratch your head and wonder.

We love to uncover cool stuff all over Los Angeles and with 34,135 square miles to cover, there's definitely going to be some things that make you scratch your head and wonder. From the Ballerina Clown in Venice and Google Binocular Offices to the Chandelier Tree and Lakeside Cafe in the middle of the city, have you ever asked "What is that?!"

Ballerina Clown
Installed by artist Jonathan Borofsky in 1989, this sculpture is a real representation of the sort of wacky and fun loving people you're bound to see at Venice Beach. Standing at 30 feet tall, this kicking piece of public art is something you have to see. Check it out at the corner of Rose Avenue & Main Street in Venice.

Google Binocular Offices
Have you ever seen those giant binoculars on Main Street in Santa Monica? Well, the building was designed by famed architect Frank Gehry and the giant binoculars that front it were created by artists Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen. The facility is now the L.A. home to Google and 500 employees. The offices are located at 340 Main St. in Los Angeles.

Chandelier Tree
As the sun goes down for the rest of Silver Lake, there's one neighborhood that gets a little bit brighter at night. You might ask what is that Chandelier Tree? It's one man's way of honoring nature in his community.
2811 W Silver Lake Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90039

St. Vincent's Court
A European alley in the middle of Los Angeles? Enjoy cafes and more as you feel like you're on a quaint French street. Check it out in the middle of the Downtown L.A. Jewelry District, off of Hill St. and 7th St. To learn more about downtown Los Angeles and to book a walking tour visit: https://www.laconservancy.org/

Lakeside Cafe
Driving through Encino, you may have come across the Lakeside Cafe in the middle of Ventura Blvd., and wondered, "What is that?" Get back to nature and enjoy a peaceful lunch in the big city, where they serve up local and organic foods.

Camera Obscura
Camera Obscura is Latin for "dark room." The Camera Obscura in Santa Monica became a popular seaside attraction in 1898. Considered to be one of the earliest optical inventions, it documented life on Santa Monica beach with a lens and mirror projecting an image onto a disk, for 50 years. In 1955, it was installed in the Senior Recreation Center on Ocean Avenue, where it still stands today. Camera Obscura is located at 1450 Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica.

Graff Lab
There are plenty of murals and lots of graffiti in L.A. But there's a piece of street art in L.A.'s Pico Union District that caught our eye and made us wonder, "What is that?" The Graff Lab is an urban sanctuary for artists, kids, and adults which opened after the Los Angeles public school district cut its after-school art programs in 2006. World famous for its graffiti and aerosol art, the Graff Lab is dedicated to providing artists with a safe space to develop their skills. They also offer free tutoring and counseling in addition to free dance and music lessons.

Little Free Library
Adorable little boxes are popping up all over the country that might have you wondering, "what is that?!" It's the Little Free Library, a network designed to pay it forward and promote literacy.
To find a Little Free Library near you or to start your own Little Free Library, click here: https://littlefreelibrary.org/

You won't get to experience a view like this anywhere else in the city. Take to the sky with Skyspace, 70 stories up in the air, at the tallest open-air observation deck in California on the tallest building west of the Mississippi. And don't forget the Skyslide. Ticket and other info here: https://www.skyspace-la.com/

Shatterproof Rappelling
Rappelling down the side of a skyscraper in L.A. isn't just something people do for fun, they do it for a cause. The Shatterproof Foundation was founded to help people fight the disease of addiction. To take part in the next Shatterproof Rappel Challenge and for resources and more information about addiction visit: http://www.shatterproof.org/

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