Eyewitness This: Proposal suggests $4 charge for driving to Westside, millions in CA exposed to ID theft risk, man buys real Babe Ruth card for $2

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Congestion pricing: Proposal suggests $4 charge for driving to LA's Westside
Would you pay $4 to drive to Santa Monica beach?

The Southern California Association of Governments is proposing so-called "congestion pricing" in an effort to cut down traffic.

Drivers would be charged $4 to get through a big section of the Westside during peak hours.

Some other cities -- including New York -- already have some form of congesting pricing. It may be a tough sell in the car culture of L.A.

California ID theft risk
A state audit reveals California is exposing millions of people to the risk of identity theft.

This has to do with the Employment Development Department - that's the agency responsible for distributing unemployment, disability and parental leave benefits.

The audit found that EDD routinely mails out documents with people's full social security numbers and other personal information. EDD has agreed to stop printing Social Security numbers on so many documents. But it will be two years before it can stop because of its aged computer system.

CA man's $2 Babe Ruth card could fetch millions!
A California baseball card collector made quite the find at a store in Nevada.

Dale Ball found a Babe Ruth card that the store owner thought was a fake. He bought the 1921 card for only $2.

He went and got it authenticated by lab testing it against another card from the same era. Now, an auction place says they'd start the bidding at $1.5 million, and it would likely go for nearly $5 million. What a find!
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