Eyewitness This: Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle to reopen, 'Game of Thrones' fans spot blooper, billionaire to pay off grads' student debt

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Sleeping Beauty Castle to reopen
After months of repair, Disneyland is reopening its Sleeping Beauty Castle on Friday.

The castle has a vibrant new roof along with sparkling new touches.

The new castle opening just in time for "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge," which opens May 31.

'Game of Thrones' fans spot rogue water bottle in series finale
While the "Song of Ice and Fire" is now complete, many "Game of Thrones" fans continue the discussion of coffee and water.

Millions of fans tuned in for one of the most anticipated series finales in television history Sunday night.

No spoilers, but as fans discuss the final episode, many are also talking about a water bottle.

Just two weeks after eagle-eyed viewers spotted a rogue takeaway coffee cup in an episode of "Game of Thrones," some noticed a water bottle during a crucial scene in the finale.

HBO digitally removed the coffee cup and will likely do that to this scene too.

Graduation speaker pledges to pay Morehouse College class of 2019 student debt
A billionaire tech investor and philanthropist just made the dreams of 400 college graduates in Georgia come true.

Robert F. Smith announced over the weekend his family is providing grants to wipe out the student debt of the entire 2019 graduating class at Morehouse College.

The pledge to eliminate the student debt for the class has been estimated at $40 million.

Smith received an honorary doctorate from Morehouse during the ceremony. He had already announced a $1.5 million gift to the school.

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