Eyewitness This: Tower to replace Amoeba Music building, 'Avengers' actress calls for end to bullying, Dodgers' Turner speaks out against fans rushing field

26-story tower to replace Amoeba Music building

The Amoeba Music building, a Hollywood landmark, is one step closer to the end of the line.

The city council voted Tuesday to grant final approval for a 26-story building that would replace the iconic store on Sunset Boulevard.

Amoeba sold the property a few years ago, but its current lease will keep the store there for roughly another year.

Amoeba says it would like to stay in Hollywood, but a new location has yet to be announced.

Young 'Avengers' actress calls for fans to stop bullying her

A 7-year-old actress from "Avengers: Endgame" is opening up in an Instagram post, asking fans to stop bullying her.

Lexi Rabe, who plays Tony Stark's daughter, posted a heartbreaking video online, after the young actress and her mom, Jessica, allegedly stood up to a fan who saw them in public.

That fan then bashed Lexi online.

In an ABC News exclusive interview, Jessica opened up about the bullying, saying Lexi "has a voice and she can use that for good."

The family is even considering the idea of an anti-bullying program, and they've received overwhelming support online, showing that Lexi's fans have her and Jessica's back.

Dodgers' Justin Turner speaks out against fans rushing the field

Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner has had enough of fans running onto the field, after incidents in three consecutive games.

On Tuesday night, a young man ran onto the field as the Dodgers outfielders celebrated a win over the Diamondbacks at Chase Field in Arizona.

The previous two nights, fans ran on the field and tried to hug outfielder Cody Bellinger at Dodger Stadium.

Turner says the incident are unsafe and "ridiculous." He's also calling on Major League Baseball to take action.
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