FBI coming to Los Angeles looking to recruit women, minorities

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The FBI is hosting a rare recruiting event in Los Angeles on May 9 in hopes of diversifying its team with more women and minorities.

In the more than 13,000 special agents, 83 percent are Caucasian, 6.5 percent are Hispanic, 4.5 percent are Asian and about 4.4 percent are black.

"It's pretty important to have a general population in the FBI that matches the general population in the community because sometimes people relate better to people who they perceive are like them," explained Cathy Kramer, an FBI special agent.

The event is part of the Diversity Agent Recruitment Program.

The FBI said director James Comey will speak to applicants about his major push to hire talented women and minorities.

"He has absolutely pinned diversity as one of his core values in the FBI, and he added that just a few years ago, when he came on board," Kramer said.

The FBI said it's looking for applicants with many different types of skills, ranging from science and technology to CPAs and pilots.

Special agent George Boykins is part of a small percentage of minorities employed by the FBI.

"The FBI looks at a broad range of individuals with skill sets that in a lot of ways are unbeknownst to those of us that work here every day," Boykins said.

You can apply at fbijobs.gov. If you qualify, you'll be invited to the secret location of the hiring event.
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