Gun sales, requests for concealed weapons permit surge in Orange County after Orlando massacre

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A gun shop in Orange has seen a sales surge since the Orlando shooting, and according to the sheriff's department, requests for a concealed weapons permit are also up.

Emily Atkinson says her gun shop in Orange has seen sales surge by more than 60 percent since the weekend after the mass shooting in Orlando that left 49 people dead.

"I think it's a different world, and I think everybody wants to prepare for the unknown," said Atkinson, owner of Ade's Gun Shop.

Atkinson has a concealed carry permit and wears a handgun -- a Springfield XD Subcompact -- in a holster as she helps customers in her store.

The number of people in Orange County wanting to carry a concealed gun is also way up. At the Orange County Sheriff's Department, officials say they usually receive 20 to 30 requests from Sunday to Monday, but this past weekend, that number soared by about 400 percent.

"We had approximately 100 plus after the mass shooting in Orlando," said Orange County Sheriff's Lt. Mark Stichter.

Authorities say getting a concealed weapons permit is a lengthy process and includes filling out a Department of Justice application, fingerprinting and training on how to shoot a handgun. Applicants must also book an appointment with the OCSD for a background interview. Stichter says the earliest appointment, if someone books today, is early November.

California law also requires applicants to show "good cause" for needing a concealed weapon.

"It's basically being able to prove, are you more at risk than someone in the general public?" said Stichter.

The Orange County Sheriff's Department required applicants to show "good cause" even before the 9th Circuit Court ruling this month that held "the Second Amendment does not protect ... the carrying of concealed firearms by members of the general public."

Atkinson says such rulings have some gun owners concerned about losing their rights, and with more talk of stricter gun control after what happened in Orlando, it's helping drive more business to her shop.

"I want to get one one before I can't buy one anymore. I'm sure the laws are getting more strict," said Steve Ruiz, a veteran who stopped by Atkinson's store.
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