Hawthorne liquor store draws Mega Millions hopefuls

HAWTHORNE, Calif. (KABC) -- People are lining up all over Southern California for a chance at the fifth-largest Mega Millions jackpot in the multi-state game's 16-year history.

The jackpot will be at least $522 million for Tuesday night's 8 p.m. drawing.

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Although the odds of matching all six numbers is less than 1 in 302 million, that hasn't stopped Gwen Repulse from buying a ticket at Bluebird Liquor in Hawthorne.

If Repulse wins, the Hawthorne resident wants to "help some people who have been bullied and women in domestic violence."

"Don't hit a woman," she said. "That's it, and don't bully anybody."

Bluebird Liquor has a history of producing winning lottery tickets, proudly displaying them on its ceiling and walls. Inside the store is a miniature bluebird that people traditionally rub for good luck after they buy a ticket.

"I'd pay off my house, go on a nice vacation, finish my kids' college tuitions," El Segundo resident Frank Hyland said.

The largest Mega Millions jackpot was $656 million in 2012, although none of those winners were from California.
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