Ontario police officer wounded in Las Vegas shooting surprised with new car

UPLAND, Calif. (KABC) -- For Ontario Police Officer Michael Gracia, a hearty welcome home from friends and family was only the first surprise of the day.

It was merely the latest show of support for the officer, who, along with his fiancé Summer, was wounded during the Las Vegas shooting massacre last year.

"Since that horrible night, it's been inspirational, and such an uplifting story, they fought so hard to be back to their daughter, and back to a normal life," said Summer's cousin, Skyler Harrison.

Summer was also wounded during the attack, as she jumped on top of Gracia to protect him during the shooting.

Gracia was shot in the head, but he survived, and with the community's support, he's moving forward.

"It's everything, it's been a long road, so I'm just grateful for everything," Gracia said.

Gracia can't work right now because of his extensive rehabilitation.

"Mike is working hard to get back to work, he needs to understand we have his support, and we want him to be back," said Officer Derek Williams of the Ontario Police Department.

Thursday though, many of his sisters and brothers in blue were at his home for the real surprise: a brand new car, thanks to a so-called "random act of helpfulness" from Honda.

"It's been a hard long road, and a long road ahead of me, so it's everything to me, thank you," said Gracia.
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