Caravan from LA bringing supplies to refugees in Tijuana awaiting asylum hearings

COMMERCE, Calif. (KABC) -- Nurses and other health workers are on a caravan to Tijuana, Mexico to bring supplies to Central American refugees awaiting their asylum hearings in the United States.

Volunteers in Commerce recently loaded crates with medical supplies to be delivered to shelters.

The nurses will also check on the health and well-being of the migrants, saying it's a nurse's responsibility to provide aid where it is needed.

About 75 nurses and other health workers will caravan down to the border to distribute things such as first aid kits and diapers, and also to check on the health and well-being of the migrants there.

Roxette Villegas made this same trip right before last Christmas.

"As a registered nurse at LAC/USC I believe it's my responsibility as nurse and as a person to provide aid where aid is needed," she said. "The refugees in TJ, they definitely need help and they need support."

Wynona Spears, a retired nurse who also made the journey, says the refugees she was able to treat were grateful.

"You know they're happy when they see us come in," Spears said. "And when they see that we bring things for them, you can see the joy in their face."

Roxette is the daughter of Mexican immigrants who migrated to Los Angeles.

Wynona migrated to the United States from Belize.

In their own way, they say they understand the plight of the families in Tijuana who want to make the United States their home. Especially, the children.

"When I think about my grandchildren and what they have and my kids - then I look at the kids there going through a rough time," Spears said. "You can't be but compassionate. And love them. And care for them."
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