LA deputies who saved infant's life as she choked on food reunite with her

CARSON, Calif. (KABC) -- Less than a week after baby Faith choked on a tortellini and nearly died, she got to meet the heroes who saved her life.

Faith's mother, Kiah Moten, recounts the moments her daughter stopped breathing during dinner last Saturday.

"As soon as I saw the lights outside I just ran outside and handed my daughter to Officer Castro. I just remember seeing him run down the driveway and my daughter's body was like a rag doll," she said.

Deputy Melvin Castro said he made a split-second decision - instead of waiting for an ambulance, he tossed the keys to his partner and they raced to Harbor UCLA Medical Center.

"Every second counts for the kid," Castro said.

Sheriff Jim McDonnel said it was a team effort.

"While being driven to the hospital by Deputy Sanchez, Deputy Castro administrated CPR to baby Faith as he radioed for assisting deputies to block intersections to clear the way for the mile-and-a-half drive," McDonnell said.

On that particular Saturday, Castro was training Deputy Omar Sanchez. He said the drive to the hospital was his first time driving a patrol vehicle.

"I just knew we had to get to the hospital as soon as possible," Sanchez said.

Moten said the name for Faith wasn't her first choice, but it turned out to be pretty fitting.

"I needed her name to be something strong that she knew no matter what, no matter what anybody said, doctors or anybody, that you have Faith and we definitely do," Moten said with a smile.
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