Landmark Argentina divorce case acknowledges financial value of wife's household work

An Argentinian judge has ordered a man to pay his ex-wife nearly $180,000 in a divorce ruling that represents a legal landmark for the South American country.

The ruling acknowledges the economic value of household work done by a spouse who otherwise could have earned money in her own career.

The wife had an economics degree and left her career to raise their children after they married in 1982.

They divorced in 2011 and the woman argued at that point she was too old to find a new job.

The judge decided all the household work she did during their marriage was worth that payout.

For Argentina, the amount was unprecedented for divorce financial compensation. The judge said if the wife did not have job training or leave her career to do household work, she might not have been entitled to as much compensation.

Experts said it represents progress in that nation because it acknowledges the value of a spouse's household work.
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