Lifeguards compete to show who is the toughest in Hermosa Beach

HERMOSA BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- The competition looked fierce in Hermosa Beach as lifeguards went up against one another to see who was the toughest.

The winner got bragging rights as the "toughest lifeguards."

"This is all about team building, so the individual beaches get together and it's the guys and gals who've worked together all summer. They get to come here and show some of their physical attributes, but also have a lot of fun," Mike O'Donnell said.

The competing teams got to dress up if they wanted to and represented all of the beaches protected by the Los Angeles County Fire Department's lifeguard division.

The competition also showed off the dedication the lifeguards have, and one man was in his 49th year as one.

"We have a little slogan we kind of use undercover, which is 'Lifeguards for Life.' So even on our days off when we come to the beach to surf, if something is going on we're right there," Eldin Onsgard said.

To learn more about the competition, watch Jade Hernandez's report in the video above.
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