Man secretly installs 'relationship saving station' at IKEA (because we all need one)

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Ever had an argument while shopping at IKEA? This "relationship saving station" might help. (Jeff Wysaski/Obvious Plant)

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Image source: Jeff Wysaski | Obvious Plant

I'm going to be very honest. All of my furniture is from IKEA. And if you know anything about IKEA, you know that acquiring all of said furniture was a true test of my relationship.

For every moment of the experience - from parking to weaving through the crowd-filled aisles - we were at each other's throats. It's inevitable! He was all about buying a bookcase while I needed the plush rug. It's a fight no one can win.

Now you can see why I, and the rest of the Internet, found comedian Jeff Wysaski's impromptu "Relationship Saving Station" at the IKEA in Burbank, California absolutely hilarious.

Wysaski, who is known for creating and displaying random signs in businesses, tells Babble, "IKEA is notorious for ruining a couple's afternoon. This was a fun way to try and address the stereotype."

From the Elsa-themed suggestion box to the tiny stress-relieving horse, these images had me giggling all day.

Image source: Jeff Wysaski | Obvious Plant

Wysaski didn't stick around to see shoppers' reactions explaining, "Typically, I'll put something up and then leave shortly after," but I'm sure people really got a kick out of it. After all, his Facebook post has 5.1K likes and 2.4K shares. In the 400 comments the post received, IKEA fans commented about the many fights they had in the store and tagged their significant others.

Image source: Jeff Wysaski | Obvious Plant

One Facebook user says, "This is actually a very healthy way of resolving fights; why scream at each other when you can wear stupid hats and scream at tiny horses TOGETHER?" while another tagged her husband saying, "Us if you once again want the blue lamps and I want the ones matching the rest of the room."

Image source: Jeff Wysaski | Obvious Plant

While the relationship station plays up the stereotype of couples fighting in IKEA, Wysaski's main goal was to bring a smile to shoppers. He notes, "If anything, just reading the options will hopefully help people realize they are likely fighting over something trivial."

Image source: Jeff Wysaski | Obvious Plant

So couples, grab a plate of Swedish meatballs and make peace!

h/t: Buzzfeed

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