Melrose selfie mural available only to social media influencers with 20K followers

MELROSE, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- There is a new Los Angeles mural designed to be a picture-perfect spot for Instagram users, but you can only snap a picture on the murals if you're "Insta-famous."

The exclusive art is located on Melrose near Farifax, but it is only available to verified social media influencers and people with over 20,000 followers.

A sign posted at the mural reads: "For verified influencers and people with over 20,000 followed only."

The social media account "Like and Subscribe" announced the opening of the mural in a tweet posted on Monday.

Art pieces include a pair of wings painted on the wall with a verified blue check mark hanging right above the wings.

Organizers have even hired security to verify credentials for people coming to take pictures.

Skeptics say the whole thing is a publicity stunt, and not worth the hype.
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