Metro introduces Getaround, program that allows transit users to rent your car and you get paid

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Metro has transformed transportation in Los Angeles and service routes are expanding.

But sometimes getting to that metro stop requires a car that ends up sitting at the station for hours while you're at work or school.

"We have a tremendous amount of land that is dedicated to parking cars on a daily basis and the cars just sit there. If we can find a way to utilize those cars while they would otherwise be sitting at a station then we've provided a much better impact," said Nadine Lee, the interim chief of staff of Metro.

Introducing Getaround, a ride-share service that will rent your car out and is now available at 27 of Metro's 59 stations. The service also helps metro riders who have a driver's license, but no access to a car.

"If they need to go pick up groceries or go pick up their kid at daycare when they get to the station, it may be a little bit farther than they can walk, this gives them an opportunity to get to their destination quicker," Lee said.

If you rent your car out most of the week using Getaround, you will get paid and can make on average $300.00 a month. How much you make is dependent on the make of your car and how often you rent it out.

To join the service, all you have to do is visit The service picks up your car and installs the technology, which doesn't require the renter to have a key.

"I can find it through my app, rent it or book it, walk up to the car, unlock it through the app, get in and drive off. The whole process can take seconds. The hardware allows that because it controls the locks of the car as well as the starter such that if you don't have a reservation for that car, you can't actually start the car," said James Correa, a regional manager for Getaround.
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