Montebello mailman wins award for 30 years driving without an accident

MONTEBELLO, Calif. (KABC) -- A mail carrier joined the million mile club Thursday after driving for 30 years without an accident.

Ralph Ortiz has followed the rules of the road for three decades, not being bothered by drivers whizzing by him.

The National Safety Council requires the accumulation of 1 million miles or 30 years of driving without being involved in a preventable accident for the award.

Ortiz's feat is the equivalent of driving 40 times around the world without a fender bender.

The mail carrier accomplished the task without leaving the city limits of Montebello.

Ortiz has worked for the United States Postal Service since the 1980s. He received a plaque and a lettered jacket for hitting the milestone. The prizes reminded him of lettering in multiple sports in high school.

"I never actually wore a letterman's jacket. I never got to even keep a letter. I gave them all away," he said.
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