Navy vet recalls time on USS North Carolina as Tropical Storm Florence batters NC coast

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- As Tropical Storm Florence began pounding North Carolina, Lloyd Glick watched ABC News' coverage from his home in Huntington Beach and spotted an "old friend" in the background.

"My old battleship the North Carolina - and all of the sudden she has to face another typhoon," he said.

The former Navy musician was aboard the U.S.S. North Carolina during World War II, when the powerful typhoon Cobra struck over the Philippine Sea.

The battleship and crew survived, but three destroyers in the same fleet sunk. Nearly 800 men died.

"The ships broached sideways in the water and they were at the mercy of the sea," he said.

Glick returned to visit the ship several times.

"It's like coming to your hometown after you haven't been there for 20 years," he said.

During his time on the ship, he played trumpet in the band. He then continued a career in music and public service.

He's served a combined 40 years with the Los Angeles police and Alhambra police as a reserve officer, as well as time on the LAPD's band.

At 94, the veteran continues to volunteer. He's also a docent on the U.S.S. Iowa and shares WWII stories about life on a battleship.

"The Boy Scouts who come through on a regular basis, who have no conception of what life on a battleship is. I learn from talking to them, they learn from talking to me," Glick said.
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