Nonprofit Christian coffee shop in Claremont gives back to community

CLAREMONT, Calif. (KABC) -- A new coffee shop in Claremont has only been open for a few weeks, but the nonprofit business has big plans to change the world - one cup at a time.

"The idea of spending $5 on a latte when you know it's going to local community nonprofits is way easier than any other coffee shop," said customer Melissa Spolar.

Sanctuary Coffee, at 994 Foothill Boulevard, is a non-denominational Christian nonprofit with a mission of giving back to local neighborhoods.

"One-hundred percent of our profits goes to charities within this community," said executive director Steve Gerali. "Plus our coffee roaster donates 10 pounds of food for every pound of coffee that we sell."

That mission is clearly posted on the shop's walls, and Wild Goose Coffee Roasters has agreed to donate the food to local food banks.

"It was just an instant connection because he and I have a very similar philosophy on coffee and on business and how to impact the community through both," said Nathan Westwick of Wild Goose.

The business also guarantees that the coffee and tea it sells come from farmers who are paid fair wages.

"The coffee is delicious and it has a homey feel here," said customer Julie Land.

"I think it just even inspires people to think, 'Wow this place is giving back. What else can I do?' And you're already seeing that reaction," Spolar said.

The coffee house's founder hopes a little extra love in each cup will add up to one big donation at the end of the year for families in Claremont.

"People drink coffee every day, and so we've invited people to impact other people's lives and change their lives without changing their daily routine," Gerali said.
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