7-year-old NorCal girl explains why having Down syndrome is 'not scary'

ROCKLIN, Calif. -- A young girl's inspiring message about Down syndrome is going viral and her mother hopes it teaches people that being different is actually a good thing.

Every year during Down Syndrome Awareness Month, Sofia's mom, Jennifer Sanchez, tries to reach out to her friends and family about Down syndrome.

But this year, she decided to let her daughter do the talking and put her video on Facebook.

In the video, Sanchez asks her daughter if having Down syndrome is scary.

Sofia's response? "No, it's not scary!" She also says, "I can do anything!"

"She is basically being a self-advocate for people with disability and that they have a love of life," said Sanchez, of Rocklin, California.

Sofia was born in Ukraine but was adopted by the family when she was just 16-months-old. She has an older brother, who also has Down syndrome.

Sanchez says Sophia is a ball of energy and likes to dance, act and play soccer - just like any other kid.

So far, Sofia's inspiring message has been seen more than 6 million times and shared more than 90,000 times.
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