Orange County officers encourage drivers to become organ donors through new pilot program

FULLERTON, Calif. (KABC) -- Law enforcement in Orange County are trying to increase awareness about becoming an organ donor through a new pilot program.

Fullerton, Cal State Fullerton and Placentia police teamed up to give drivers a "second chance" during traffic stops.

During a ride-along, officers pulled over car after car for going well over the speed limit on a busy street.

What started as a traffic infraction for the drivers, turned into a big surprise.

"Because you're potentially giving someone a second chance at life, I'm going to give you a second chance on this citation," one of the officers said to a driver who he had pulled over.

The three police departments teamed up with Donate Life California for the "Second Chances" initiative.

The goal was to increase awareness about becoming an organ donor and thank people who are already signed up.

No one was given a ticket, just warnings and encouragement to be a donor.

"We have the ability to save those people's lives with the help of organ donors, it was a no-brainer for our agency to be involved as well as Placentia and Cal State Fullerton," said Lt. Jon Radus from the Fullerton Police Department.

Donate Life reports California has one of the lowest percentages of registered organ donors in the entire country.

These officers are hoping to change that, one car stop at a time.

"So easy to check the box and save someone's life, it's that simple and easy," said Kaitlin Uthus, a donor herself. "And I think a lot of people don't think about it, but it's that easy."

The "Second Chance" initiative is being launched in several cities in California and parts of Canada.
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